Officiating f.a.q.

Booking: How can I confirm availability?

A 30% deposit is required to secure your date and time (or a full payment for a Quick I Do). This can be done on our Services page, or by calling us at 323-682-8697. Our team is always working to ensure that we can accommodate most requests and appointments but it is important that we can confirm exact availability to make sure your wedding plans go smoothly.
Weekends tend to fill up very quickly but there is usually more flexibility during the week. We do have cancellations or postponements so feel free get in touch. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

Marriage License: Where do I start?

Marriage License Experts

Give us a call or head over to our License page which is dedicated helping you obtain your marriage license in California. It’s much easier than you imagine.

Friends and Family: Can they attend?

A Customized or I DO ceremony may include an unlimited number of your friends and family. If you would like them to particpate in the ceremony and speak, light candles, recite poetry, or anything else, we’re happy to guide you and them on the best ways to be involved. A Quick I Do allows for 2 guests to witness the legal signing.

Duration: How long is the ceremony?

Most ceremonies are under 20 minutes.

A standard ceremony is about 15 to 20 minutes with little to no ceremony additions.

  • The I DO ceremony will last between 5 and 10 minutes
  • The QUICK I DO requires just a couple of minutes.
  • CUSTOMIZED  ceremony will vary in duration, but is usually between 15-25 minutes.
  • Additional elements: candle lighting, memorials, poetry, etc, increase the duration a ceremony.

Service Area: What areas are you available to travel to?

No location is too far!

We will travel anywhere you want to go to officiate your wedding ceremony. Mileage fees apply outside of our local service area within Los Angeles. Travel fees including hotel, airfare and car will apply to out-of-state ceremonies, and CA ceremonies more than 80 miles.

The QUICK I DO is only done locally near our offices.

See the All Services page for more details.

Rehearsal: Are you be available to rehearse with us?

Check with us prior to booking your rehearsal date to see if we have availability.  We charge a flat rate of $150 for participating in rehearsals, including travel time if within our local service area.

Overnight travel may fees apply for rehearsals held outside of our local service area. Get in touch & we’ll work out the details.

Most rehearsals are the night before the wedding.  If your officiant is booked on another wedding, one of the LA Wedding Women will be happy to run your rehearsal for you in her place.  If you are unable to meet for rehearsal, we can walk you and your bridal party through it over the phone (no charge).  It’s much easier than you could ever imagine!


Vows: Can we write our own?

Yes, of course you can write your own! We encourage you to do so.  We’re happy to help in this process, if you wish. We offer you a beautiful selection of vows for you to use or as a template.

On your wedding day, we’ll bring your vows to your wedding so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting them or memorizing them.  We’ll print your vows for you on card-stock in bold, large font to make it an effortless experience during your ceremony.


My Officiant: Who will perform our wedding?

We will check the calendar to see who is available to work with you on your wedding date and match you up to the officiant who is right for you.

Each officiant has their own unique background that will be a beautiful and sacred contribution to your ceremony. So no matter what, you are in great hands by an officiant who has a deep passion for weddings! We are all highly skilled in various unity ceremonies, with hands on experience incorporating a variety of religious customs.

If you are something specific (for example, Jewish traditions, Spanish or French speaking, or Native American traditions), you’re welcome to ask who would be the best fit for your wedding.

Dress: What will you be wearing?

Our default is black slacks and an elegant blouse or dress. If you have a specific request for our wedding day wardrobe, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

My partner is incarcerated: Can we still get married?

Yes, we are happy to help you through this challenging, very special time. Though, there are a few steps to take before this can happen:

  • Filling out the two forms needed to apply for a marriage license at the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office (Affidavit of Inability to Appear and Marriage License Application forms).
  • You will need to complete the marriage authorization with the Sheriff Department, or the Department of Corrections, or the Federal Bureau of Prisons or with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), depending upon where the inmate is incarcerated. However, not all facilities require marriage approval request. A background check will be done on you and the officiant.
  • You will need a notary to notarize the inability to appear form.
  • Your officiant will need to meet you at the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office to buy the marriage license with you once all the paperwork is in place.

LA Wedding Woman prices for prison start at $350, which includes one visit to the RRCC to obtain the marriage license with you, and for the prison ceremony in our local service area. If additional appointments are needed, they will be priced at $125 per hour. Prison weddings outside our local service area have a travel rate of $50 plus 50 cents per mile round trip.

Wedding f.a.q

What do I do first?

First, decide on a date.

Then, start thinking about your budget and who you can expect a donation from. 😉

Once you have solidified a budget, you should congratulate yourself, that’s a huge feat! Then, you must decide where you would like your ceremony and reception held. Visit your favorite venues together and see which ones are available on your wedding date. Once you book your venues, you can then start thinking about the details.

Your date may change if you fall in love with a venue that has limited availability.


Though every time-line is different, the most important decisions are your date, budget and venues. Here are some sites that offer good planning / calendar suggestions:

How Much Does Everything Cost?

Once you have your budget nailed down, you can divide up each segment of your wedding by percentage.  Many vendors will have solid, fixed prices; but, most (if not all) will be willing to work with your budget.

Always ask!

If you like someone’s quality of work, or hear good things about a particular vendor, reach out to them. One way to ask is:

My wedding budget allows $(amount) for (service).  Do you have any packages within my price range?  Is there anything you can do to work with me?

Tell them you love their work, but are unsure if you are able to afford them (if that is the case); and, they will likely be honored and willing to work with you.

You will find differences in your own budget based on what your preferences and priorities are. Try to stay within your total budget, making adjustments as needed per category. Perhaps, maybe your reception won’t cost as much as most budgets recommend.  That will leave you more to spend on rings, flowers, or other items and services.

Advice – we can’t afford a wedding planner, where can we get advice?

We highly recommend Orange Blossom Special Events on our Vendors page, but if a planner is outside your budget, the Internet has made wedding planning so easy.  There are tons of forums, and former brides are always posting responses to questions and offering great advice.

You can also call us!

We have been to hundreds of weddings as an officiant, photographer, planner, bride, bridesmaid, and guest. We can definitely offer you some sound advice. 🙂

I highly recommend: and for advice, budget planning, wedding day timelines, ideas, and everything else you may or may not ever think of.

Still have questions?

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