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I came to Los Angeles in September 2000 and couldn’t have been happier when my sister decided to join me in LA in 2003.  With a Elysia new headshot smallbackground in theatre and running a part time non-profit breast cancer organization, I am at my happiest when I can give back to my local community and facilitate a beautiful experience.

It was my dream come true when Arielle brought me into the business in 2008! My entire childhood was spent with our Father and Grandfather going to weddings that they officiated.  There is nothing as fulfilling as being a part of a couple’s most memorable day.  With half my family being Jewish and my mother raising me buddhist (and now I’m married to a very handsome man who grew up Catholic), I choose to perform non-denomination ceremonies.

Some of the greatest weddings I’ve done have involved traditions from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and religions.  As well as the customized non-denominational ceremony, I offer a “light religious” service.  I have found many couples in LA have a religious background but are not practicing on a regular basis and would like to incorporate their God and honor their family with this version of the ceremony.  I can speak for all of us that our LGBT clients also bring us great joy and we are so happy that California is back on board and marriage equality is here to stay!

Your happy days are my happy days! Thank you in advance for your business, and for inviting me into your most beautiful memory.

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See below for some of my most beautiful reviews from Yelp, Wedding Wire and personal emails from clients!

Yelena: Brides-don’t even hesitate to have her officiant your wedding!!!

Yelena George ElysiaElysia married us this past Sunday and the ceremony was beautiful, sweet and short! Just how we pictured it! From the

first contact in the mail till the last good-bye everything was wonderful! She answered my e-mails, calls and was so sweet! Most importantly, she had this calm and relaxing and beautiful way of talking to us few minutes before the ceremony.

Since we didn’t get the package to have a pre-wedding meeting, I thought it might be awkward but it was beautiful! She is WONDERFUL!!!! It was beautiful, Thank you Elysia!!!

Beth: I had to put together a quick wedding for friends of which one was very ill. After finding Elysia on Yelp, I gave her a call.  She was very helpful in facilitating the marriage licence as the bride to be was too ill to go the marriage license office.  Due to the illness, the situation was a very delicate one.  She was  caring and professional  from beginning to end. We had a short ceremony at the house that she officiated at.  She was a pleasure to work with and I am sure she she is just as great at big weddings as small private one like the one I was planning.   I would recommend her unconditionally!!!!!

Jesse: After DOMA and Prop 8 were overturned, my Husband (Manuel) and I got engaged the day after the Supreme Court ruling.


There were so many options for wedding officiants, we really had to narrow it down. We saw so many of the rave reviews for LA Wedding Woman, that we decided to check them out. I spoke to Elysia over the phone. She was very pleasant and it was obvious to me, just by our first conversation, that she is very passionate about what she does. This was exactly the type of person we wanted officiating our wedding.

We hired Elysia and paid the deposit for the wedding date. She kept in contact with us via text and email, and walked us through the entire process all the way up to our wedding day on August 24, 2013.

On the day of our wedding, she made sure that our day was both memorable and romantic. We had so many comments from our guests at what a marvelous job she did. She was nothing short of amazing and I would totally recommend LA Wedding Woman for your special day! You will not regret it!

Paige: ELYSIA exceeded our expectations from the very beginning, and I am so happy it was her to have married us.  I was planning the wedding from across the state, and she was so patient with me and took the time  to talk on the phone whenever I needed. We were going to customize our vows, but in the end we loved one of the drafts she had so much, we used hers. The day of the ceremony she was there helping iron out all the last minute emergencies (like getting sand from a near-by creak because my husband forgot the sand for our sand ceremony!!) She was so helpful and has such wonderful energy! Her voice is lovely and captivating. We had a small wedding so did not use a microphone, but she had no problems being heard. I would definitely recommend her!! Thank you Elysia!

Luis: I had the pleasure to work with Elysia a few weeks back on a wedding in Sliver Lake. I my self am a wedding photographerElysia Luque photography and in my time shooting weddings have not seen someone so passionate about what they do. Elysia was personable, understanding, cooperative, and based on here character, you could tell she was a very genuine. I saw how She treated the Bride and Groom with passions, she even pulled them a side to calm them down and let them know everything would be alright. After that i realized how passionate she was about what she did.

Elysia is so caring with the people she works with, and very flexible. She will make your ceremony one not to forget. She is really easy to deal with and over the phone she is always very responsive. I would recommend her to anyone getting married.

Jessie: My wife & I recently got married on June 1, 2013. I have to say there were a good amount of things that went not so smooth. But having Elysia as our wedding officiant was the smartest thing we ever did. She went above & beyond what her role was. Helped us write our vows, ran the whole rehearsal, took charge of the ceremony. She was so helpful, patient, and took more time & effort than even more than our own wedding planner. There isn’t enough good things I could say about her professionalism. If you are getting married anytime in the near future. The best thing you can do for your wedding is hire Elysia for your wedding. SHE’S AMAZING!!!!

Christine: Having Elysia as our officiant was pretty awesome! My now hubby and I wanted a simple, short, non-denominationalChristine Elysia wedding ceremony and we ended up liking Elysia the best! A little bit different from the norm to have a woman officiant, but Elysia was really the best person for us. We didn’t want anyone stuffy or anyone who sounded like an orator.

Elysia was very calm, organized, and her presence really helped us through the nerve wracking ceremony. It was fun to have a woman officiant! She has such an easy-going presence and because of that it kept us calm. We both really enjoyed our ceremony and we loved working with Elysia. She also gave us some recommendations for day of coordinators, which turned out really well!

Dan: Elysia is as good as it gets.  She was so caring, compassionate and organized and she made our wedding incredible.  She goes above and beyond to make you be in the moment and enjoy your wedding.  She is so sweet and strong and has a wonderful smile that puts everyone at ease. We could not be happier that she officiated our ceremony.

Gen: We recently had an intimate wedding in Malibu and fortunate for us we came across LA Wedding Woman. We do not know Gen Erikawhere to begin but WOW is all we can say Elysia is amazing she is so thoughtful, patient, loving, attentive, calming, and had a beautiful aura surrounding her which made everything even more amazing! She truly was a blessing to have at our wedding!!! She is not only an officiant but becomes your best friend, your mother, your sister and whatever else a bride can need during her special day. We definitely recommend her to any type of wedding. You will not be disappointed…….

Gen and Erica

Kathy: LOOK NO FURTHER….. I found LA Wedding Woman-  Elysia & Arielle via the web after searching for wedding officiants near LA, Calif. We are from MN and wanted to get married on the beach in California.  I googled and found them and one other officiant to start my search.  I didn’t want to spend hours trying to find an officiant in the area, and I didn’t have to!

I called and left a message for Elysia, and she returned my call right away. I stopped looking from that moment on. She was so easy to talk to, very personal, yet professional.

We skyped to meet each other, and continued to email several times over the next few months.  When we actually met on the day of the wedding… I felt as tho she had been an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years…

Arielle did a fantastic job with the photography too.  My husband didn’t think we needed a professional photographer, I disagreed and won, thanks to Arielle who offered a small wedding package to fit our budget and our small beach ceremony.

I would highly recommend both of these girls to anyone who is looking for a great team!

Take great comfort in knowing you don’t have to do alot of searching and researching, just pick LA Wedding Woman and you’ll be very happy you did!  🙂

Gray: Elysia Skye is a beautiful spirit and a marvelous officiant!

We knew from the moment we first spoke to her that she was our officiant.  Her patience and kindness were unwavering.  No question was too big or small.

Elysia–We were so grateful for your generous and grounding energy on our day.  It felt as if you were a part of our family.

Much love and joy to you!