To thank your mother(s) for raising you and loving you, and for letting you go... into the arms of another, you can present roses during the beginning of your ceremony

As a child, we all rely on the love of those who raise us and care for us, those who teach us how to walk, how to communicate with kindness, and how to appreciate the people who share in our journey.

It is their gift of love that guides us, and it is their ability to let us spread our wings and fly into the arms of another who will continue to offer us unconditional love and support.

Bride and groom would like to gift a gift of love and appreciation to the amazing women who brought them into this world and taught them how to love deeply and selflessly – their mothers.

*Your officiant does not provide the necessary items for your unity ceremony.*

Choosing the best elements for your specific ceremony and wedding theme is a very personal choice, and is not included in our pricing. Usually a family member will be honored to contribute the unity ceremony items.